Smithfield Foods and Farmland Foods are longtime leaders in the pork industry, servicing both foodservice and retail markets. As a junior art director at Foodmix Marketing Communications, I worked on a brand refresh to re-introduce both Smithfield and Farmland to the foodservice industry with a refreshed image, yet maintaining their values and objectives. While I never saw the production of my work, both concepts were chosen to be moved forward with by the client.

Client: Smithfield and Farmland
Copywriter: Christine Cottrell
Agency: Foodmix Marketing Communications 2013-2014
Print, Thumbprint, Brand Refresh, Foodservice, B2B

Farmland - The Pork They Gather For

Farmland Foodservice is the largest supplier of high quality pork products in the foodservice market. They deliver pork you would serve your family. The brand wants to establish themselves as the one and only go-to Pork provider for foodservice professionals.

Smithfield - Bred for the Challenge

The tireless life of a chef is complicated enough. The blood, sweat, and tears that go into running a kitchen demonstrate a chef's passion to produce the highest quality meals. Smithfield is the answer for these proud, hard-working chefs. They can take pride in the quality of their pork dishes because Smithfield takes pride in its pork.