Fabri-Kal is a family-owned and operated custom packaging manufacturer based in Michigan. As a junior art director at Foodmix Marketing Communications, I mainly worked on creating a new brand image for their growing presence in the disposable cup retail market. Alongside a copywriter, we developed a unique brand thumbprint for Fabri-Kal's Greenware cups. Executions of this concept involved creating print ads, eblasts, social media content, event materials, and a new website for the cup brand.

Client: Fabri-Kal
Copywriter: Christine Cottrell
Agency: Foodmix Marketing Communications 2013-2014
Print, Digital, Email, Social Media, Event Promotion, Brochure Design, Website Design, Foodservice, Retail, B2B, B2C

Greenware Rebranding: Thumbprint

The first step in creating a new brand image for Fabri-Kal's line of Greenware disposable cups was to come up with a concept and visual direction. To do this, we created a brand thumbprint that encompasses the big idea, look and feel, and branding elements for Greenware's retail line.

GreenwareUSA.com Redesign

One of the most important steps in rebranding Greenware was to redesign the brand's website. As a team, my copywriter and I worked to write new content and create a site that has the look and feel of the brand's new image. To view the live website visit GreenwareUSA.com.

Greenware print ad published in the event program for the 49th Annual Western Michigan University Food Marketing Conference, March 2014.

2014 Kroger in-store shelf talker ad placed next to Greenware cup sleeves.

Greenware Social Media Posts

While I was familiar with how social media works on a personal level, it was fun and exciting to develop a social media plan for the Greenware brand. Using my photography skills, I staged mini social media photo shoots to create timely Facebook cover images, and posts for seasonal fun, national events, drink recipes, and crafts.